Cynthia Davis Commission fine art

Commision Art by Cynthia Davis. I love to reinterpret established ideas drawn from masters in new textures, colours and sizes. In my own unique hand or mixing styles from the masters, I’ll take my time to craft portraiture, landscape, still life or feet tall for a grand statement, heart-warming if you need, shocking if you desire. The more challenging the brief the better. Recently, for example, I was asked to take a 12inch watercolour and re-imagine the work in materials not available to the original artist and magnify the effect at 48 times the original size. It makes the (new) owner and me smile when we think about what we’ve done. It doesn’t matter how crazy your idea. Tell me you want a Cubist Rembrant and I’m your girl! . Site by IIJ. HTML Site | ArtCynthia 2010